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Love's Mishaps

by Bob Comtois

Released 2014
Released 2014
Pop/Rock performed with a blend of guitars, mandolins and distinctive vocals.
"Love's Mishaps" spans 1982-2012.
Bob Comtois was a presence in The Boston music scene.
With his bands (Foxfire, Strings Attached, Hoot Spa, Public Domain, and The Verbs) he played for millions on the streets alone. Clubs, colleges, and the media took notice.
Blending the mandolin and electric mandolin in with R&B, rock, swing, and folk rock, Comtois sang lead and harmonies.
Throughout the years Comtois produced recordings by a variety of artists: Andy Pratt, Whistle Jacket, and Gerry Mack among many others.
Having recorded 400+ of his originals, Comtois will offer a steady stream of releases.
The style is eclectic, melodic and rhythmic. It is rock/pop music that will surprise.
Bob Comtois plays all the instruments (acoustic and electric mandolins, mandocello, electric mandola, acoustic and electric guitars, bass, percussion, analog synth, and vocals) except on "Seven Sad Sisters" on which Dennis Dungan plays upright bass and Holly Gettings sings a backing vocal.

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Bob Comtois

Boston street singing legend turned producer serves up surprising pop/rock originals with his electric mandolin and a bevy of unique instruments backing distinctive vocals.

These recordings are, for the most part, written, produced, played and sung solely by Bob Comtois

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New Hellos

Feels Like Home

Songs by bob Comtois

Words, music and recordings, ©℗  Bob Comtois
Performed and produced by Bob Comtois

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Dance with you (from The Frog Prince Returns)


Seven Sad Sisters

The Times They are a changing

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Soundcloud is where you'll find many Bob Comtois recordings. It is the first of four Soundcloud pages.

Will it carry

Apple Pie Party Time

Would Holly

Mixed from the original tracks.

No Drama Mama

Something simple as

This is going way back

Soothing waters

Floating souls

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