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Don't you be sad on Christmas

To all missing loved ones this season, no matter the reason. Originally written and recorded as a as a gift to my mom who had stated how the holidays made her sad, remembering her late mom and dad.


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Boston street singing legend serves up surprising rock/pop music.

Hundreds of original Comtois tunes performed and produced by Bob Comtois.

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Bob Comtois

Boston street singing legend turned producer serves up surprising pop/rock originals with his electric mandolin and a bevy of unique instruments backing distinctive vocals.

These recordings are, for the most part, written, produced, played and sung solely by Bob Comtois

Free! My Christmas song

Don't you be sad for Christmas

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Songs by bob Comtois

Words, music and recordings, ©℗  Bob Comtois
Performed and produced by Bob Comtois

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Dance with you (from The Frog Prince Returns)

All These Lives (from The Frog Prince Returns)

Would Holly

Soothing waters

Ralph the Christmas Llama

Apple Pie Party Time

Mixed from the original tracks.

When is your birthday

Floating souls

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